Weapons & Armor

Most weapon models use the base weapon stats as listed below. Some specific models may vary, as listed. Items in italics are exceptionally illegal and rare, and will require more than just cash to purchase.


  • Streetline Special: 2-harm close loud reload cheap. 100Y
  • Fichetti Security 600, Colt America L36: 2-harm close loud. 300Y
  • Colt Manhunter: 3-harm close loud. 500Y
  • Ares Predator IV: 3-harm close loud smart. 1000Y
  • Ruger Super Warhawk: 3-harm close loud ap reload (cannot be silenced). 400Y


  • Ingram Smartgun, HK 27-X: 2-harm close autofire loud smart. 2000Y
  • HK MP-5 TX, Uzi III 3-harm close autofire loud. 1200Y


  • Remington 900: 3-harm close reload messy. 700Y
  • Mossberg AM-CMDT: 4-harm close messy autofire. 5000Y

Assault Rifles

  • AK-97, FN-HAR: 3-harm close loud autofire. 2500Y
  • Ares Alpha: 4-harm close loud autofire smart. 5000Y

Sniper Rifles (note: no good in close combat)

  • Ranger Arms SM-4: 4-harm ap far recoil delicate (disassembles). 8000Y
  • Walther MA-2100: 4-harm ap far smart recoil. 10,000Y

All weapons are presumed to have fairly high-tech ammunition; it’s halfway through the 21st Century, after all! However, ammunition that is specifically armor-piercing or with other special effects is generally expensive and hard to come by.

Gel Ammunition, however, is fairly available. Gel Ammunition reduces a weapon’s harm rating by 1, but it greatly reduces the likelihood of fatalities. (The GM will have to spend hold to inflict a fatality on an NPC taken out with gel ammunition.)


  • Frag Grenades: 2-harm area. 300Y
  • Flashbang Grenades: 2-stun area. 50Y
  • Incendiary Grenades: 2-harm area burn. Target loses 1 point of armor. 500Y

The Sixth World can be a dangerous place, and there are good reasons to be cautious when going out. Most wageslaves don’t wear armor to the office, but for many people armor clothing is perfectly sensible. Depending on where you go for a night on the town, armor clothing may be par for the course—or it may get you barred at the door. The wealthy and comfortable don’t like being reminded of the dangers that lie beyond their safe neighborhoods.

Armor with the “unsubtle” tag can go unnoticed, but anyone paying significant attention within conversational range will recognize it for what it is. Armor with the “subtle” tag is actually low-key enough that you can go into swanky restaurants and social functions wearing it without any problems at all… so naturally it’s very expensive.

Armor Clothing: 1-armor. 500Y
Armor Clothing and Jacket or Lined Coat: 2-armor unsubtle heavy. 700Y
(Includes armored clothing underneath. A lined coat allows for the concealment of pistols and SMGs… though any alert or paranoid person will note that you’re wearing a coat big enough to hide a big gun.)

High-Fashion Protection: 1-armor subtle (can easily conceal pistols). 1000-5000Y

Camouflage Suit: 2-armor obvious (narratively: helps you hide in particular environments. These can be fatigues or skinsuits as appropriate). 1200Y

Full Body Armor: 3-armor obvious heavy (includes helmet). 12,000Y

Helmet: +1 armor obvious; flare compensation, lowlight OR thermographic. 1000Y

Weapons & Armor

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