Spells generally cost 5000Y for Hermetic Mages (who must invest in libraries and spell formulae) and 2500Y for Shamans (who get tutoring from their totems).

When you seize by force using a combat spell, you still roll +hard for the move, but you use the spell as your weapon. Add the following to the list of options:

  • You suffer no drain

When you go aggro using a combat spell (say as a sneak attack), you still roll +hard for the move. You only suffer drain on a miss.

As an exception to the usual cost rules. Combat spells cost their harm rating x 2000Y (3-harm manabolt = 3 Resources) for hermetics, and x1000Y for shamans.

Manabolt: 1-4 harm, ap.
Manaball: 1-4 harm, ap, area. Inflicts +1 drain damage on a miss.
These affect only living or magical targets.

Powerbolt: 1-4 harm.
Powerball: 1-4 harm, area. Inflicts +1 damage on a miss.

Stunbolt: 1-4 stun.
Stunball: 1-4 stun, area.
Living targets only. For +1000Y, a “sleep” version is available that does no real hurt or trauma to the target (“stun” just tracks how sleepy they are).

Flamethrower: 1-4 harm.
Fireball: 1-4 harm, area.
A hit will destroy armor on a target (half the spell’s harm rating). These spells will set things on fire, leading to panic and chaos (but generally not ongoing damage to living targets).

Lightning Bolt: 1-4 harm.
On a 10+, a living target will only be able to offer incidental fire for the next turn. An electronics-based target like a drone or sentry turret may be out of action for the full turn as it reboots.

Each +1 of the character’s Magic stat increases the range by 20 meters (starting from zero).

Detect Life, Detect Enemies, Detect [Object]
Each is an individual spell that works on the same general basis. On a 10+, you gain detailed information (they have weapons out, the troll is wounded and the others are chasing her). On a 7-9, you learn the major details (three orks and a troll around the corner, coming your way). On a miss, you learn nothing.

Clairaudience, Clairvoyance
These spells allow the caster to hear or see (respectively) a given space as if physically present. Once cast, the center point of the spell can be moved to any other point within range. The caster cannot use the point of perception via these spells to target other spells.

Combat Sense
On a 10+, the subject (caster or another designated recipient) comes under only incidental fire throughout the battle. On a 7-9, this benefit only lasts for the first tick of battle.

Grants the recipient low-light vision.

These must all be cast through touch; healing at range is not within the abilities of current magical study.

For each full point of Essence loss your target has suffered, take a -1 to your roll.

Relieves the subject of the effects of drugs, poisons and toxins. This will not heal physical damage done by said substances, but it will stop ongoing effects and clear the recipient’s system. The rich and privileged are known to call for this as a hangover cure.

Cure Disease
Does what it says on the label. This does not cure any physical, mental or stun damage caused by the disease. It simply eliminates the bacteriological or viral culprit.

On a 10+, heal three wedges of harm. On a 7-9, heal two.
NOTE: For every 2 points of Essence the target has lost (rounding up), take -1 to the roll.

Slows most bodily functions. A target under hibernate can survive for up to two weeks as long as oxygen is available and temperatures don’t become lethal. This spell requires a willing target.

Increase Strength
Allows the target to use the Smash move, or grants +1 forward on uses of Smash if the target already has it. Adds +1 harm to melee attacks.

Increase Speed
Grants the Impossible Reflexes move. Targets who already have the move gain no benefit.

Allows the target to hold his/her breath for a full scene. Also allows the target to breathe water for the scene.

Illusions generally have an effective range of 20 meters per 1+ to the caster’s Magic stat. Anyone further out simply will not be affected.

The caster can create anything she has seen before. On a 10+, this affects all five senses. On a 7-9, it affects only sight and hearing.
Trid Phantasm: For +1000Y and +1 experience, this version creates illusions that can be recorded by technological means.

The caster takes on the physical characteristics of someone she touches. The spell persists until the caster releases it or takes damage. This spell will fool technological sensors, but only within its area of effect.

Imposes a zone of dampened sound.
Silence: For +1000Y and +1 experience, this version affects technological devices within the zone, like alarms, sonar and even communication devices.

Lasts until the subject interacts with the environment.
Improved Invisibility: For +1000Y and +1 experience, this version affects technological sensors within the zone of effect.

The subject (caster or target) makes virtually no sound until the caster releases the spell, even when touching other objects (though said objects may make noise all on their own). This spell affects technological sensors.


You can set flammable objects on fire. Requires line of sight.

An item you touch begins to glow as bright as the average household lamp.

Magic Fingers
Simple telekinesis within 10 meters per +1 Magic stat. Fine manipulation (accurate shooting, lockpicking, first aid) not possible.

On a 7-9, you’re ready for the prom. On a 10+, they won’t even need to photoshop your red carpet picture after the Oscars; dirt and grime will literally flee from you and your hair would not dare fall out of place for the rest of the night. This spell lasts until sunrise or sundown, whichever comes first.

Better than hosing a room down with bleach! This area-effect spell destroys fallen hair, spilled blood, skin flakes and the like. Even bacteria get vaporized. Note that this will NOT kill cells riding on or in another living being, so don’t worry about the friendly bacteria in your stomach. Or your tapeworm. Ew. You should get that looked at.


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