Peripheral Moves

The following Apocalypse World moves are in play:

  • Suffer Harm
  • Inflict Harm on Another Player’s Character
  • Heal Another Player’s Character

New Harm Moves

Drain represents the physical and mental fatigue of spellcasting. It is represented by its own clock (like the harm clock). Much like the Suffer Harm move, this move is unusual in that a hit is bad and a miss is good.

When you Suffer Drain, roll +n Drain, where n = the number of spells you are currently sustaining (the GM may levy an additional +/-1 adjustment for unusual circumstances).

On a 10+, the GM can choose 1:

  • You’re out of action: dazed, unconscious or overcome by spasms/shakes/etc.
  • Your body pays the price: take +1 Harm. (Note: this can only be healed over time, not through magic or medicine.)
  • Choose 2 from the 7-9 list below.

On a 7-9, the GM can choose 1:

  • You can’t hold everything; drop one of your active spells.
  • You’re shaken by the effort; take -1 forward on your next action.
  • You’ve drawn unwelcome attention.
  • You’ve put yourself in a bad spot; the GM will tell you how.

On a miss, you’re fine; your inner fortitude and discipline carry you through the strain of spellcasting.

When a player character suffers mental trauma or a fit of madness, roll +mental harm suffered (usually on a scale of +1 to +3 depending on severity).

On a 10+, the MC can choose 1:

  • You’re out of action: unconscious, trapped, incoherent or panicked.
  • You’re out of your own control. You come to yourself again a few moments later, having done something you normally wouldn’t do.
  • Choose 2 from the 7-9 list below.

On a 7-9, the MC can choose 1:

  • You lose your footing.
  • You lose your grip on whatever you’re holding.
  • You lose track of someone or something you’re attending to.
  • You miss noticing something important.
  • You take a single concrete action of the MC’s choosing.

On a miss, you keep it together and overcome the trauma with no effect.

Things that might cause Mental Harm:

  • Fear effects like a barghest’s howl
  • Possession by a toxic spirit or some other Thing That Should Not Be
  • Astral projecting outside the earth’s atmosphere
  • Crazy-ass powerful spells that you generally haven’t heard of

Peripheral Moves

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