There are good reasons to want to live the good life. Each strata of lifestyle has its own monthly cost. Lifestyles do basically what they say on the label. Once a lifestyle is maintained for ten consecutive game sessions, it is easier to pay for. You will then only need to pay half the regular amount.

Hey, it’s free, but it sucks. You begin the game session with one harm wedge filled because of your awful living conditions, and the GM gains one hold over you.

Low Lifestyle: (1 Resources)
The GM gains one hold over you at the beginning of each game session. Turns out you’ve got some matters in your life that need fixin’.

Middle Lifestyle: (2 Resources)
You’re living comfortably, but it’s not awesome.

High Lifestyle: (3 Resources)
This is great! If the GM had any hold over you at the end of the last session, he erases one of them at the beginning of this one! Hakuna Matata, bitches!

Luxury Lifestyle: (4 Resources)
Erases one hold between sessions per the high lifestyle, but luxury also brings with it the privileges of wealth: access to swanky places, rubbing elbows with the famous and powerful, and a general sense of daily safety.


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