The cyberware below impacts your Essence, but it does not require Experience to purchase… just cash.

Balance Augmenter (4000Y)
Essence Cost: .4
If the GM tells you that you fell down, roll 1d6. On a 4-6, tell him to stuff it. Allows for crazy stuff like shooting or swinging a sword while running across a balance beam.

Biomonitor (5000Y)
Essence Cost: .3
A series of implants that maintains a constant watch over the user’s body systems. In addition to warning the character of ingested or inhaled toxins (often too late), the system will provide +1 forward on any roll made to provide non-magical first aid or surgery for the user.

Bone Lacing (cost varies)
This process can only be done once; stripping out and replacing bone lacing with an upgrade is simply too invasive. Bone lacing permanently imposes the negative of “heavy” on the user.

  • Ceramic, Kevlar, Plastic: (20,000Y) Offers +1 health wedge (cumulative with the Fitness move).
    Essence Cost: 1
  • Aluminum: (40,000Y) As above, and allows user to inflict normal harm with unarmed attacks.
    Essence Cost: 1.5
  • Titanium: (75,000Y) Offers +2 health wedges (cumulative with Fitness). Enables user to make unarmed attacks as if armed with a 2-harm touch weapon.
    Essence Cost: 2

Chemical Analyzer and Gas Spectrometer (2500Y)
Essence Cost: .2
Implanted in the tongue and throat, but requires either headware or a jack into a computer to provide actual feedback. This implant allows chemical analysis of anything you can smell or taste. It does not provide bloodhound-like tracking abilities, however (this doesn’t “fingerprint” peoples’ smells), but you can trail any particular chemical smell. (You couldn’t track Bob because he smells like Bob, but if Bob stunk of bourbon, you might be able to trail his fumes.)

Chipjack (1000Y)
Essence Cost: .2
Much like a port for thumb drives… in your head. Chips are generally read/view only. Requires a display link (included with implant if not already possessed).

Cranial Commlink (5000Y)
Essence Cost: .2
This puts your personal telephone in your head! Video capability is only available if you also have a display link. For +2000Y, the commlink is also outfitted with radio capability.

Cybereye Package (10,000Y)
Essence Cost: .2
Your eyes have been replaced. Your new eyes offer flare compensation, minor image magnification and either low-light or thermographic vision (choose).
If you have a datajack, you can spend 1000Y to add display links (video record/playback capability) for no Essence cost.

Cyberear Package (10,000Y)
Essence Cost: .3
You have significant implants and replacements of your inner ear organs and/or your whole ears. Your package gives you a protective dampener and hearing amplification.
If you have a datajack, you can spend 2000Y to add either a recording device or the ability to hear high and low frequencies outside of normal human range.

Cyberfins (5000Y)
Essence Cost: .3
Retractable swimming fins in your feet! The benefits are obvious! (No, really, when everyone winds up in the water and you’re the ONE runner with cyberfins? You know it’ll be rock star time. Like… Aquaman level rock star.)

Cybergills (12,000Y)
Essence Cost: .75
Allows the user to stay underwater (fresh or salty) for up to 1000 hours. Does not help resolve issues of hypothermia, water pressure, decompression sickness, etc.

Datajack (1000Y)
Essence Cost: .2
The universal mark of a cyber-conscious individual. Most datajacks are implanted at one’s temple or just below and behind the ear. A datajack creates direct brain-to-computer control.

Display Link (2000Y)
Essence Cost: .1
Essentially a permanent contact lens-style implant over the eyes. Allows for video feed and playback right on your eyeballs. Also available as part of the full cybereye package.

Internal Air Tank (2000Y)
Essence Cost: .25
Holds up to 75 minutes of air. Refilling at an automated air pump takes only about 5 minutes. Unfortunately, any harm you take past the 9 o’clock wedge runs the risk of a tank rupture: you gain the negative of “explodey,” which may be bad news if the GM has any hold over you…

Internal GPS and Orientation System (2000Y)
Essence Cost: .1
Provides accurate GPS and mapping. Very basic maps come with the original package. Detailed, updated maps for individual cities or rural areas must be bought separately.

Internal Voice Mask (15,000Y)
Essence Cost: .2
This implant does not allow you to mimic specific voices, but it offers distortion that will convincingly alter your voice to allow you to escape recognition by listeners and by recording devices. You may also be able to speak in ultra high or low frequencies that only others with proper equipment can hear.

Jolt-Alert (1000Y)
Essence Cost: .1
This implant wakes you up instantly and jarringly on pre-programmed times, or upon receiving a predetermined signal via datajack. Will not wake you up if you’ve been drugged or beaten unconscious. (You may get some woozy partial wakey-time, but don’t expect to be effective or lucid.)

Math SPU (5000Y)
Essence Cost: .2
Offers high-powered calculations and extremely accurate time-keeping. As input and results are offered at the speed of thought, it is even faster than a hand-held computer. Requires a display link.

Simrig (300,000-500,000Y and up!)
Essence Cost: 2
Allows full recording of all five of your senses for a simsense experience. Generally this must be recorded onto a datachip or some other recording device. A sim “viewer” will literally experience everything you sense; they won’t experience your emotions or thoughts, but they will experience your physical reactions to stress, excitement, arousal, etc.
This is an insanely expensive procedure, but simsense recordings of unique and amazing experiences can be extremely valuable… if you know where to sell them.

Simlink (20,000Y)
Essence Cost: .6
Most people experience simsense through an external rig comprised of numerous patches attached to the body. You can just slot a chip and lose yourself in the experience. This implant includes a free chipjack. What a bargain!

Spur (7000Y)
Essence Cost: .3
You have a retractable blade implanted along your wrist (or, hell, maybe along your shins if you want to get goofy?). This is a 2-harm close weapon that will evade all but the most serious technological scans.

Transducer (2000Y)
Essence Cost: .1
Allows the user to “speak” through electronic communication without actually using voice or even moving the mouth. Words go directly from the brain through the transducer. Must be connected to a datajack or radio.

Vehicle Control Rig (60,000Y)
Essence Cost: 2
Allows cybernetic control over a control rig-adapted vehicle. Included here for cost reference; to make real use out of this implant, one must purchase the Rigger’s unique “Hell On Wheels” move AND this implant.


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