Cosmetic Bioware

Each of the following costs roughly 10,000Y and has an Essence Cost of .2. They have no mechanics.

Chloroplast Skin
Immediate legitimacy with enviro-friendly sorts, along with a green pallor to your flesh and a general decrease in your need for food.

Clean Metabolism
Users rarely develop body odor, burp or fart. Even your sweat and body waste is generally cleaner and less smelly.

Implants manage appetite and digestion. Users very rarely gain weight. This is incompatible with Digestive Expansion and Symbiotes.

Scent Glands
Change the way your sweat smells… and even how it tastes. Choose from a wide variety of “flavors” or perfumes upon purchase.

Sensitive Skin
Pretty much straight-up hedonism here.

Cosmetic Bioware

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