Essence represents the connection between your body and your soul. It is eroded by cyberware and bioware. Essence is tracked on a countdown clock just like the Harm clock. For every full point of Essence loss (a 6-point scale), fill in one wedge of the countdown clock.

Additionally, PCs with the Magic stat suffer greatly from Essence loss. For every wedge filled on the Essence clock, the PC’s maximum Magic stat is reduced by -1. This can go into negative numbers (11:00 Essence = a maximum Magic stat of -2).


3:00 Maximum Magic stat: 2
6:00 -1 ongoing for any Move, used by yourself or another, that would heal you.
Maximum Magic stat: 1
9:00 -2 ongoing as above.
Maximum Magic stat: 0
10:00 As above, plus add +1 Resources to monthly Lifestyle costs to reflect maintenance of all your implants.
Maximum Magic stat: -1
11:00 -3 ongoing as above.
Maximum Magic stat: -2
12:00 Death


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